• Lyttelton Redux at Canterbury Museum
  • Caroline (Ruby Cumming, after Leo Bensemann)
  • Lyttelton Redux - Virtual Museum
  • Draped Nude (after Matisse)

Lyttelton Redux – Virtual Museum

Screenshot of Lyttelton Redux virtual museum. Click image to view exhibits on izi.TRAVEL

Lyttelton Redux is an audio visual project created to assist the Lyttelton Museum in its efforts at maintaining visibility in their community while the museum continues to operate without a physical building or exhibition space following the Christchurch earthquakes of 2011.

23 notable historical and everyday figures from Lyttelton’s rich past were recreated with current Lyttelton locals acting as the ‘living canvas’ for each work. The portraits encompass a diverse cross-section of Lyttelton’s early communities, reflecting the town’s social history, its connection with the sea and the area’s development over time. Working in partnership with Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, New Zealand’s sound and vision archive, each portrait is accompanied by a combination of audio from the archive and a little audio about and by the present-day subject. The portraits are literally able to ‘speak for themselves.’

Originally installed in and around Lyttelton townships remaining buildings and discoverable as a walking tour via the museum audio app., izi.TRAVEL, the works now remain online as a virtual museum.

Original portraits are an edition of 1/1, archival pigment print,  63.1 x 50.5cm. $3,400
Edition of 5, archival pigment prints, 40cm x 30cm. $800.00
30% of proceeds go towards the Lyttelton Museum rebuild.

Screenshot of Lyttelton Redux on izi.TRAVEL. Click the image to access portraits and audio