• Lyttelton Redux at Canterbury Museum
  • Caroline (Ruby Cumming, after Leo Bensemann)
  • Lyttelton Redux - Virtual Museum
  • Draped Nude (after Matisse)

Lyttelton Redux at Canterbury Museum

Lyttelton Redux was conceived primarily as a way to reconnect people with their town’s early history and to link the township’s remaining buildings while Lyttelton is without its Museum post-earthquake.Working with Lyttelton Museum, Holden identified 23 historical figures who were connected to the town, from early settlers and land surveyors to a landscape artist and prominent suffragette.

For each person featured in the exhibition, Holden found a present day local connected to them, either through occupation or personal relationships, to serve as a ‘living canvas’. Accompanying historical audio is complemented by recordings of the participating locals reflecting on their forebears (audio accessible here: https://izi.travel/en/7cf6-lyttelton-redux/en) The portraits hung in Lyttelton businesses and the exhibition launched in November 2016.

All 23 works are brought together for the first time in an exhibition hosted by Canterbury Museum 1 July – 23 October.

The Lyttelton Redux exhibition was made possible with support from Creative New Zealand, Lyttelton Museum, Christchurch City Council, Nga Taonga Sound and Vision and Canterbury Museum. Most especially, I wish to thank the wonderful Lyttelton community for their engagement and enthusiastic involvement with the project.

Installation views at Canterbury Museum below:

Te Rangatira: Wheke