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#WishYouWereHereChch – Auckland

AUCKLAND, June 2014
#WishYouWereHereChch is an ambitious artist initiated and funded billboard and postcard public art exhibition depicting present-day, post-quake Christchurch.

With the assistance of iSite, APN and Media5, 4 of 5 billboards went up around Auckland in June; Pitt St, Cook St, Mt Eden Road, and Station Rd, Penrose (the Auckland economy has improved so much that almost all sites were sold!). The billboards will be reinstalled in Wellington in July and then ideally, to New Zealand’s other main urban centres, Dunedin and Christchurch.

Phantom Billstickers, the well-known Christchurch poster company, got involved, generously printing a collectable postcard edition of all 10 original oil paintings that are freely available through their national café network! Their philanthropy has helped me grow the project into something really special, making it possible for people to personally connect with #WishYouWereHereChch using social media or good old-fashioned snail mail. Look out for them at your local cafe when you pick up your coffee!

Facebook:   JuliaHoldenArtist              Twitter:  @msJuliaHolden     #WishYouWereHereChch

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Postcard edition courtesy Phantom Billstickers

Cook St1 sml

Cook Street, Auckland city

Cook St3 sml

Pitt St1 sml

Pitt Street, Auckland city

Pitt St3 sml

Mt Eden4 sml

Mt Eden Road, Auckland

Mt Eden1 sml

Station Rd1 sml

Station Road, Penrose, Auckland

Station Rd2 sml

Photo credits: Stephen Piper