Lyttelton Redux, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, NZ
Draped Nude (Audrey Baldwin, after Henri Matisse). Performance painting at Auckland Art Gallery, NZ.
Caroline (Ruby Cumming, after Leo Bensemann). New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington, NZ
Lyttelton Redux Installation and Walking Tour, Lyttelton Township, Lyttelton, NZ

Lyttelton Redux. Installation and Walking Tour, Lyttelton Township. Lyttelton, NZ
Leo (Sam Clague, after Rita Angus), for Christchurch City Council Beca Heritage Week 2016, The Arts Centre, Christchurch, NZ
The Lyttelton Venus. Lyttelton Arts Factory, Lyttelton, NZ
I’m Your Fan. Chambers241, Christchurch, NZ
Olympia. Chambers241, Christchurch, NZ

Through the Glass Ceiling. Tin Palace, Lyttelton, NZ

its like now. Artbox installation, Christchurch, NZ
#WishYouWereHereChch. 5 billboard installation and postcard edition. Christchurch, NZ
#WishYouWereHereChch. 5 billboard installation and postcard edition. Wellington, NZ
#WishYouWereHereChch. 5 billboard installation and postcard edition. Auckland, NZ
Julia Holden. 30 Upstairs Gallery, Courtenay Pl, Wellington, NZ
38 Days. CPIT Artbox, Christchurch, NZ
Present Tense, The Inconvenience Store, Christchurch, NZ

38 Days (Part I & II). Federation Square Screens and No Vacancy Gallery. Melbourne, VIC
The Extraordinary Shapes of Geoffrey Rush. The The Arts Centre, Melbourne, VIC
FESTA, Festival of Transitional Architecture. Christchurch, New Zealand
Drawn Together (group show). Lyttelton, New Zealand
Scattershot (group show). Christchurch, New Zealand
Wish You Were Here. Christchurch, New Zealand

Off the Strip New Genres Festival 2012 Centre for Contemporary Art. Las Vegas, USA
The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (finalist). Sydney, NSW.
SafARI 2012, Sydney Artist Run Spaces Unofficial Fringe to the Biennale. Sydney, NSW.
AUSthetic 2012. Federation Square Screens. Melbourne, VIC.
ThreeOneSixOh 2012 Experimental Film Festival. Melbourne, VIC.

The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (finalist). Sydney, NSW
The Churchie National Emerging Art Award (finalist). Griffith University Art Gallery, QLD.
State of Design Festival. South Melbourne Town Hall. Melbourne, VIC.
ThreeOneSixOh Experimental Film Festival. Melbourne, VIC.
Master of Fine Art Graduation Exhibition, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC

Digital Fringe, Melbourne Fringe Festival. Melbourne, VIC.
Seventh Gallery,Group Show, Gertrude Street. Melbourne, VIC.
Gertrude Street Projection Festival.  Melbourne, VIC.
Choice. C3 Gallery. Abbotsford Convent, Collingwood. Melbourne, VIC.
Erotica. Artworkers Alliance Art Prize.  PS Gallery, Paddington, QLD.

Drawing Time.  Monash University Faculty Gallery. Monash University, Melbourne, VIC.
dreambetweenday. Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Collingwood.  Melbourne, VIC.
Linden Postcard Show 2009. Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts.  Melbourne, VIC.

Emerging Artists.  City Art Rooms.  Auckland, New Zealand.
Paintings and Sculpture.  Auckland, New Zealand
Group Show.  George Fraser Gallery, Auckland University.  Auckland, New Zealand.

Related Activity

Works and activities from 2013-2014 added to Canterbury University’s permanent Earthquake Digital Archive

Lecturer. Ilam, School of Fine Arts. Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ

Committee member for ‘Time, Transcendence Performance’ conference, Monash University. Melbourne, VIC

Postgraduate Travel Scholarship to Europe


2013 Wallace Art Awards Salon des Refuse, The James Wallace Arts Trust. Auckland, New Zealand

2012  Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. Finalist

2011  Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. Finalist

2010  ‘Erotica’ Queensland Artworkers Alliance inaugural art prize

2008  Ake Ake Fund (Private Arts Trust), New Zealand.

2007  Gordon Harris Painting Award.  Elam, School of Fine Arts, Auckland University, New Zealand.

2006  Jean Hamlin Scholarship.  Elam, School of Fine Arts, Auckland University, New Zealand.


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